You have your diploma hung in a pretty frame on the wall and you’re ready to start taking over the world! You even have your first interview coming up. Fingers crossed, that diploma will be making its way on a wall in an office in some swanky firm with your name engraved on the glass, an amazing view, and maybe even a nice leather sofa for when you need to relax.

Come on; you can’t tell me you haven’t daydreamed about getting that perfect job and that PERFECT office! Even though it won't happen instantly, and you will have to work for that  fantastic view, getting an interview for an entry-level position that will have you sitting in a cubicle (most-likely) is a definite step towards your goal. So rejoice and get excited!

The Internet is filled with advice on how to prepare for an interview. From sample interview questions, to learning the ins and outs of the company you'd like to work for, there’s a vast array of material out there to help you  get started.

We’re here to help you with something different though.  Potentially the most important thing... We want to make sure you make a great first impression as soon as you walk through those doors!


Students in middle school, high school, college, and university are taking the next big leap towards their future; they’re graduating! It’s an especially exciting time for parents and family members who get to watch their graduate put on their commencement gowns and caps, walk the stage, and be recognized for all of their hard work. For many students, this great achievement is not only theirs, it’s also for their parents, their family and their friends who have helped, supported, and guided them throughout the years.

Today, when I woke up in the morning to get ready for my big day, I couldn’t believe it. It has been something that I’ve worked towards for the past four years. You can’t imagine the number of “all-nighters” I pulled, or days in the library I spent, or Friday nights in the editing suites at school that would turn into early mornings just finishing assignment after assignment. Although I was very excited and happy about this very important moment in my life, it didn’t really hit me that I was graduating. It felt like an out-of-body experience where I was watching myself walk through the steps, get on stage, shake hands with the important people, get my diploma and sit back down.

  That nearby coffee shop is the best place to take your clients. You always schedule your meetings there because its close enough to your office but swanky enough for a casual introductory meeting or proposal for a new project. The best part of all? It’s only a 10-minute walk from your office so you get a little exercise in as well. But the temperature is rising every single day and it’s not that breezy heat you can live with. Nowadays, the weather is so hot and humid that all of your dress shirts and suits seem to be getting soaked in sweat and dirtier than ever. What’s worse? Those days when you plan on escaping the heat by walking swiftly back to your office only to learn that the AC is broken. Suits and dress shirts are much more intricate garments and need to be taken care of much more carefully in order to maintain their quality. So you’re not overreacting when you get mad that you’re sweating through your new suit! We have some tips to make sure you’re ready for all of the heat and humidity that summer has to offer by staying cool yourself.

  UGG® boots… We know, we know. Yesterday was a high of 30 degrees and today is not much better. You’re probably thinking, “why do I need hear about winter boots when my feet can barely breath in flats and sandals?” Trust us when we say taking care of your special care boots is an all season deal and it’s about that time that you go to your closet and take a look at the damage that the long, cold Canadian winter has done to your UGGs® or other special care boots.  Do you see the salt stains? Are they smelly? Do they look rundown and used? If the answers to any of these three questions are YES, you probably need to figure out a solution fast before the cold temperatures come back and you’re caught off guard with dirty, old-looking boots that are very pricey to replace. The good news is that cleaning your UGG® boots is actually pretty easy. It can even take absolutely no work from you at all.

It’s there when you’re feeling groggy, it gives you a boost in meetings and it is your number one companion when you have a busy, long workday. Coffee. In the morning, there is nothing better, and you need doses of it throughout the day to keep you going. If you’re addicted to coffee like the rest of us, you already know there is no giving it up no matter how many files you’re holding under your arm, e-mails you’re responding to, or meetings you’re rushing to. Your cup of coffee travels with you, and sometimes it’s not your best travel buddy. In any relationship, there are good times and bad. We’ve all been there. We’ve all spilt our cup of coffee right before that big presentation or meeting with a client. At that moment, when you see that unsightly stain on your dress shirt, you almost forget why you love coffee so much and everything it does for you! We’re here to help you get back to loving and enjoying your cup of coffee by teaching you how to remove coffee stains from your dress shirt at WORK! All you need are a few supplies that you can keep stashed in your desk drawer to make that stain disappear.

  When you’re a parent, your child becomes the centre of your universe and you want to keep them safe. They are young and unknowing and you’re responsible for shaping their lives and making sure they are left with the proper skill set that will turn them into successful adults. There are so many milestones that they will reach throughout their lives: their first car, their first house, their first girlfriend or boyfriend. Before all this though, they are playing with toys, crawling on different surfaces, and touching everything they can put their hands on. At this point in their lives, you have something else to worry about; making sure they don’t swallow any small pieces and keeping them safe. Your house is a playground for your small children. When you spend a day at the park you make sure to give your children a bath before you let them go on about their day to wash away any lingering germs. But what you may not think about are all the germs that accumulate on their toys. Your child is constantly putting their fingers in their mouths, touching different objects and repeating this behaviour. Although the object that they are playing with may seem clean, it can be filled with germs and bacteria that can lead to them getting sick and in the worst-case scenario, to disease. We are here to show you how to get your baby toys spick-and-span so that the bacteria, dirt and grime that have collected on them do not affect your children’s health. The most important piece of information is on the tag. Here, you will find instructions on how to care for your toys and which methods of cleaning work. For example, a lot of the tags will tell you whether machine washing your baby’s toys is okay or not.