What does your mom mean to you?

What does your mom mean to you?

When I was really young I used to get these terrible headaches. They’d always happen when the seasons changed and they’d last for a number of days. I remember one of them got so bad one night that I started to cry from the pain. The clock had just struck midnight, and the headache wasn’t going away. I got up and knocked on my parent’s bedroom door and called for my mom. I needed her help. I remember feeling that no matter what kind of pain I was in, or what problem I was facing, my mom could make them go away. She came into my room and held me close to her; she started massaging the temples of my head. And even though the pain didn’t go away, in her arms I felt safe… I felt better. I must have dozed off sometime during the night and when I awoke, she was right there beside me wide-awake.

Mothers are special. They are selfless and patient and will do whatever it takes to make sure their children are okay. If they sense that something is wrong, their heart is burdened, if they see that you are sad their feelings automatically mirror yours. It’s a special kind of love, one that is unconditional, forever, and fierce. Their life changed the day that you came into this world and whether they are with you everyday or not, their number one priority is seeing you happy.

When I was young, I would look at my mom and I could swear she was capable of doing anything. She was super-human. She set an example for me, she paved a road for me to follow filled with values that have shaped who I am today. As I grew older and started becoming my own person, she let go of her hold on me to let me pave my own path. She never went too far though; she was always there when I needed help. Now that I am an adult, starting my own life, she has become my dearest friend and we get to enjoy each other and our precious time together.

There are so many holidays that get celebrated throughout the year but the one I get most excited about is always Mother’s Day. My mother is one of a kind. I never need to call on her because she is always there with an open heart and a helping hand. Her love is never fading and no matter how old you get, you always need it in your life.

So this Mother’s Day… I urge you to go beyond the materialistic. Don’t buy your mother a gift but make a memory. Go for a walk, throw her a party, tell her how much she means to you and how much you appreciate everything she has done. Spend time with her and let her know how she has impacted your life. Remember, the bond that you two share is inexplicable… it cannot be explained with words. Sometimes all they need is a thank you and for you to show your appreciation for everything they have done and continue to do for you.

From the Browns team, we want to say Happy Mother’s Day to every amazing mom out there. We see you… and we appreciate you!

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