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Once the chill of November hits, it’s hard to deny that winter is coming (as much as we may want to). There’s a number of things you’ll need to do in your family to get ready for this harsh and often unforgiving season – put on your winter tires, stock up on salt for your walkway, and hang the Christmas lights to name a few! Outdoor items aside, another big part of preparing for the seasonal transition is ensuring that your family’s winter gear is ready when you need it. 155511609 As fall wraps up in the next week or two, don’t forget to check these off your to-do list: Unpack the winter gear Chances are, you haven’t kept your woolly mittens and hats in the front of your hallway closet all through the warm months. Because why would you? Now is the time to dig through the back of your closet and bottom of your family drawers to find your coats, snow pants and things. If you didn’t clean them well in the fall, consider whether they are due for a good cleaning now. It is typically dirt and bacteria that cause wear and attract moths, so clean winter wear lasts longer. (And yes, professional cleaning can get rid of nasty smells, too!)