The Best Way to Deep Clean your UGG® Boots

The Best Way to Deep Clean your UGG® Boots


UGG® boots… We know, we know. Yesterday was a high of 30 degrees and today is not much better. You’re probably thinking, “why do I need hear about winter boots when my feet can barely breath in flats and sandals?” Trust us when we say taking care of your special care boots is an all season deal and it’s about that time that you go to your closet and take a look at the damage that the long, cold Canadian winter has done to your UGGs® or other special care boots.  Do you see the salt stains? Are they smelly? Do they look rundown and used?

If the answers to any of these three questions are YES, you probably need to figure out a solution fast before the cold temperatures come back and you’re caught off guard with dirty, old-looking boots that are very pricey to replace. The good news is that cleaning your UGG® boots is actually pretty easy. It can even take absolutely no work from you at all.

To give your boots a face lift, consider taking them to a professional cleaner whose expert cleaning processes will remove salt stains, deep clean your boots to make them look like new, protect them from wear and tear, and give them an ozone treatment that will get rid of any odours still lying around.

Didn’t know that your local cleaner could clean boots? Don’t worry, many people don’t. But if you’re going to spend a fortune on a good quality pair of boots, you want to make sure those boots will last a couple of winters.  When you’re wearing your UGGs® consistently, it’s much easier to keep them looking clean by taking a few steps daily but when they sit in the back of your closet, basement or attic for months before being pulled out again, all of the dirt, grime, salt will be embedded into your boots. They will look worn. No matter what quality shoes you have, if they spend a winter in Ottawa, it is bound to take a toll. So along with taking special care of them yourselves during those tumultuous cold months, you want to make sure that you give them a deep clean at a professional cleaners before storing them away.

Professional cleaners are able to improve the condition of your boots, and make them last longer. Most importantly, getting them professionally cleaned will also remove the smell! If you don’t know whether your cleaner cleans UGGs and other special care boots, the best way to find out is to ask. Don’t spend money and time on trying to get your boots cleaned yourself, a professional cleaner will help them look like new despite what they’ve been through!

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