The 101 on Carpet Safety

The 101 on Carpet Safety


Are you redecorating your home? Maybe you’re just thinking about changing the floor treatments. Either way, the question of whether or not you want the rooms in your home carpeted has probably popped up. This is a truly contentious issue for a lot of families, especially ones with little children running around. Carpets are beautiful and completely change the feel of the room, but they are also risky because of the health risks associated with them.

Carpets are pretty and feel great on your feet but they also pollute the air in your home. In fact, a lot of doctors say that it is the number one source of air pollution. You may not know this but dust mites, skin cells, bugs and other critters make your carpet their home and could be the leading cause of stomach flus and adversely affect the health of the people living in your home.

In a hygiene survey conducted by the Rug Doctor, it was found that carpets are the least sanitary textiles in a household because they absorb all types of things including dirt, bugs, and bacteria from food crumbs, spills and stains. The most worrisome are the germs that can unduly affect health. Furthermore, the materials that make up your carpets often emit volatile organic compounds, harmful toxins that can linger on and be emitted into the air for a number of years. Some side effects include headaches, skin irritations, and tiredness or fatigue. If you have a toddler in the house, they will be crawling all over your carpet so if you’re set on putting carpet in your home it’s important to understand that cleanliness is key to ensuring your family stays healthy and safe.

How can you prevent these health risks without losing your carpets? It’s important that you vacuum your carpets regularly and get them professionally deep cleaned every six months to once a year. Keep your shoes at the front door and do not walk around your carpet with them on! They carry dirt on the soles and this gets transferred and absorbed right into your carpet.

Another solution is to put wooden floors in your home instead and purchase an array of area rugs that can be used to decorate. Doing this will provide you with that cozy feeling and homey look you desire but helps manage microbial growth and lessens the risk of getting sick due to the dangerous toxins, chemicals, dirt particles, stains and germs that get absorbed by your carpet and stay there for a number of years.

Even better, area rugs are much easier to keep clean! All you need to do is take them to your cleaners a few times per year! Some cleaners also have a free Pick-Up and Delivery service that will pick up your dirty area rugs and deliver them right to your home when clean. When your carpets don’t go from wall to wall and encompass every inch of your home, it’s much easier to make sure that they stay clean. Area rugs are a great in-between option for those of you who love the feel and look of carpets but are worried about the health risks associated.

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