BROWNS BLUE BAG SERVICE provides preferential treatment, at no additional cost. Regular customers appreciate the added convenience of simply dropping off their blue bag at their favourite Browns Cleaners location. No waiting, no delays, just quick in and out on your way to work or running your errands.

Speed up the process of dropping off and picking up your cleaning so you have more time to meet and socialize with friends. (And they can comment on how good you look!) The service is free, ask for your blue bag the next time you’re at Browns.

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Designer and fine clothing should receive extra care and attention. Of ten the clothing tags will include special cleaning instructions (see our Cleaning Symbols reference). Regardless of whether the cleaning details are included, our experts know how to treat clothing and fine textiles properly.

Diamond Service can include extra attention and detail work, such as hand washing, specialized cleaners, meticulous hand-pressing, measuring a garment before cleaning and after pressing, etc.

You can trust the experts at Browns; we guarantee our Diamond Service so you can send us your designer, favourite and precious clothing, knowing that it ’s in good hands.


For new or existing clothing, alterations are often required. We make garment care, alterations or repair, easy; next time you’re dropping off your cleaning, include the clothing needing repair and review with the counter staff.

Most Browns locations have a trained seamstress or tailor on staff. Whether you need an article hemmed, missing buttons replaced or full alterations, just ask at the counter next time you’re in.

Blue and burgundy winter parkas and coats that are clean and pristine.


We make it easy to keep your quality coats looking their best. Browns Cleaners is one of the few cleaners that can properly clean quality coats effectively without damaging the coat, zipper, snaps or accessories, while maintaining the fabric integrity. We are often requested by retailers to clean their merchandise and look after their customers.

Thorough cleaning and extreme care, combined with the expertise of our team, provide an exceptional service for quality outer clothing. You can trust Browns Cleaners with coats of all types and preferred brands.


Browns Cleaners is the only dry cleaner in the area equipped to provide professional and proper cleaning and repair for curtains and blinds of all types and sizes — even rubber-backed drapes. As the owners of an Eldon Drapery franchise, we have expert and professional drapery cleaning knowledge and have invested in proper drapery-cleaning equipment.

All window coverings act as filters, trapping dirt, dust, pollen and other pollutants. It is important to periodically and routinely clean them thoroughly to improve the air quality within your home. In fact, the indoor air quality can actually be worse than outdoors! Properly clean your drapes or any other window covering to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

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We have the large industrial washers and proper equipment to clean large duvets and comforters and dry them without harming the fabric integrity. We can wash and dry linens at a sufficient temperatures to hygienically clean your sheets and linens. Then we professionally press and fold them to look fresh, crisp and pristine.

When it comes to clean and comfortable sleeping, classy and impressive entertaining… we’ve got you covered!


Do you have home furnishings that need cleaning, but just don’t know how? Browns can effectively clean most items around your house. Cushions, furniture covers, area rugs… even stuffed — bring them to a Browns location or call our free pick-up and delivery service.

A pile of clean stacked cushions in earth tones and different materials.
Icon depicting folded laundry and a Browns Cleaners laundry bag.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your laundry cleaned, pressed, folded and ready for you? Browns offers complete laundry care services, saving you the time and hassle.

Not only will your clothes enjoy professional and deep-clean care, we use GreenEarth for an environmentally friendly clean, and clothes that will not irritate sensitive skin.


Our team is dedicated to serving you well and providing exceptional cleaning for your clothing and household textiles. With many locations across the city, you’re sure to find a Browns Cleaners close to home or work. Find the most convenient Browns location for you.

Image of smiling Richard, Manager of Browns Pick-up and Delivery service.


What could be more convenient than enjoying the benefits of Browns professional and green cleaning services, delivered to your door?

We offer a free pick-up and delivery service to keep you looking and feeling great. Register now for free.

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