3 Reasons Free Pick-Up & Delivery Helps During the Holidays!

3 Reasons Free Pick-Up & Delivery Helps During the Holidays!

“I’ve used Browns delivery service for several years now and I’ve been very pleased. They do my shirts and dry cleaning on a weekly basis, are always very prompt…in every sense Browns really delivers.”  -Blair Armstrong of Armstrong and Richardson Shoes

Isn’t it always the way that we never seem to notice all the cleaning we haven’t done until just before we host a big group for the holidays?

You may have a number of household items that require cleaning if you’re hosting a family gathering. Tablecloths, linens, cushions, slip covers and bed sets all can present a time-consuming hassle when you’re already overwhelmed with cooking, shopping and decorating.


Did you know that we offer a completely free pick-up and delivery service, no matter how big or small your bag of dirty linens? Here’s 3 reasons it can make your life easier this holiday season:

Reason 1: One less trip on the slippery roads outside.
The colder it gets, the more treacherous the roads, the most blustery the winter wind, the less anybody wants to brave the outdoors to get things done at the end of the work day. If you call us in advance and leave your big blue bag at your house for pick up, we don’t even have to be home.

Reason 2: Saves you time!
Between setting up a tree, hanging the lights, cooking a big meal and wrapping gifts, having your wash picked up and returned to you promptly eliminates one big chore off your to-do list.

Reason 3: Unparalleled expertise.
Precious items like your family tree skirt that you’ve placed under your Christmas tree for generations, or special handmade table linens you’ll be lining on your dining room table require the utmost care and expertise. Our cleaning process is 100% guaranteed.

One of the main differences between dry cleaning and home-laundering is that dry cleaning uses fluids (solvents) to remove substances from textiles in a way that laundering cannot. For instance, dry cleaning allows greases and oils to be dissolved in a way that home-laundering with water cannot. Although dry cleaning provides a more thorough cleaning, it is kinder to textiles and will not, discolour, damage or affect the fabric’s integrity. In effect, dry cleaning returns the garment to you like new!

And the absolute best part of our pick-up and delivery service? It’s totally free.

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