Office Emergencies: Coffee Stains

Office Emergencies: Coffee Stains

It’s there when you’re feeling groggy, it gives you a boost in meetings and it is your number one companion when you have a busy, long workday. Coffee. In the morning, there is nothing better, and you need doses of it throughout the day to keep you going. If you’re addicted to coffee like the rest of us, you already know there is no giving it up no matter how many files you’re holding under your arm, e-mails you’re responding to, or meetings you’re rushing to. Your cup of coffee travels with you, and sometimes it’s not your best travel buddy.

In any relationship, there are good times and bad. We’ve all been there. We’ve all spilt our cup of coffee right before that big presentation or meeting with a client. At that moment, when you see that unsightly stain on your dress shirt, you almost forget why you love coffee so much and everything it does for you! We’re here to help you get back to loving and enjoying your cup of coffee by teaching you how to remove coffee stains from your dress shirt at WORK! All you need are a few supplies that you can keep stashed in your desk drawer to make that stain disappear.

The first items you need in case of a coffee stain emergency are some cotton cloths.  You want to make sure they’re white so that no colour transfers onto your clothing. As soon as you spill your coffee, take your handy cloth out and start dabbing on the stain. This will absorb all of the excess and dry up the stain. Next, all you need is some clean water and you’re ready to fight against that stain. Take a clean white cloth and run it under water. Wring it out and begin dabbing the stained area.

Most of the time dabbing the area with a wet cloth will suffice and the stain will become unnoticeable but if you’re feeling antsy and want to make sure that the stain really goes away, you can store some baking soda in your desk drawer alongside some stain wipes and pens. A lot of companies have come up with handy to-go stain removal products. Coffee stains are terrible but they are not the worst thing that could happen to your dress shirt or pants. They don’t leave grime or small particles on your clothing, just moisture. So if the dabbing with a cloth and water doesn’t completely work, sprinkle some baking soda on your wet cloth or use one of those stain removal pens and dab on the area once more.

In review, all it takes is some cotton cloths, water, and a bit of manpower. We all hate when it happens, and it could definitely ruin your day  but you can overcome it!  Just be prepared and know what to do! There will be spills, and they usually happen at the worst of times but keep these tips in mind and you will make it out all right!

The most important thing to remember is to have a professional cleaner look at it as soon as possible, to ensure that proper care and technique is used to protect your garment.

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