Summer 101: What to do if you are Sweating in Your Suit

Summer 101: What to do if you are Sweating in Your Suit


That nearby coffee shop is the best place to take your clients. You always schedule your meetings there because its close enough to your office but swanky enough for a casual introductory meeting or proposal for a new project. The best part of all? It’s only a 10-minute walk from your office so you get a little exercise in as well. But the temperature is rising every single day and it’s not that breezy heat you can live with. Nowadays, the weather is so hot and humid that all of your dress shirts and suits seem to be getting soaked in sweat and dirtier than ever. What’s worse? Those days when you plan on escaping the heat by walking swiftly back to your office only to learn that the AC is broken.

Suits and dress shirts are much more intricate garments and need to be taken care of much more carefully in order to maintain their quality. So you’re not overreacting when you get mad that you’re sweating through your new suit!

We have some tips to make sure you’re ready for all of the heat and humidity that summer has to offer by staying cool yourself.

  • First things first, stay hydrated! This is essential to maintaining your health but it will also keep you cool. Keep a couple of bottles at your desk so that every time you want to quench your thirst, you come prepared!
  • When you’re about to run out the door for that very important meeting, take your suit jacket off. Most of the time, suit jackets are triple lined and pack some weight. You don’t want them to slow you down and make you even hotter! You can put it back on when you get to your destination.
  • Wear lighter business shirts and dress pants. Dark clothing absorbs more heat! Try to find some cotton pants that leave more room to breath as well. The lighter your clothes are, both in colour and in weight, the better prepared you are to battle those hot and humid days.

But what do you do to keep your business clothes looking like new? The best way to make sure that your clothes aren’t being drained down by the hot temperatures is to get them professionally cleaned throughout the hot summer months. Professionally cleaning your suits breathes new life into them and we’ll tell you how!

  • Even though your suit may not look unclean on the surface (unless you spill something on it) your skin’s oils and the sweating can leave unneeded and harmful residue on your suit that can damage the fabric causing your suit to look old and worn.
  • Throughout the day, you are coming into contact with a lot of stuff and so is your suit. That muffin you ate, it left crumbs! The dust from the ceiling fan, the little tiny spills that you were able to blot away but have gotten into your suit’s fabric. All of these dirt particles get absorbed and if your suit isn’t thoroughly cleaned soon after, they become extremely difficult to get rid of!
  • Finally, the smell. It’s no secret that our bodies function differently during the summer and we perspire a lot more than usual. Getting your suit professionally cleaned helps with removing the odour making you smell fresh every time!

Most importantly, getting your suit professionally cleaned actually prolongs its life and lets you enjoy it for that much longer. Suits are expensive and finding the perfect one is a tough job so you want to make sure that to have your favourite pieces professionally cleaned on a regular basis so that you’ll be able to wear your favorite suits for years to com This means taking special care of them and investing in this care.

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