Ottawa Snowsuit Fund: It’s Warm Outside… But Let’s Not Forget the Cold Just Yet

Ottawa Snowsuit Fund: It’s Warm Outside… But Let’s Not Forget the Cold Just Yet


Winter is making its way to the back of our mind now that the weather is getting warmer and warmer but, Bash Noir, an exciting event that supports the Ottawa Snowsuit Fund is bringing the issue of “keeping warm” back to the forefront. Bash Noir is a fun event that will see Ottawans dressed up in clothing inspired by the neo-noir and femme fatale film genre. Alongside the ladies and gentlemen dressed in red and black attire this June, there will be dancing, music and mystery at the horticulture building in Ottawa’s Lansdowne Park where the event will be taking place.

Aside from a fun evening, the event is supporting an amazing cause! The proceeds from the ticket sales will go to the Snowsuit Fund, an Ottawa-based charity that focuses on keeping children from underprivileged families in our community warm during those long winter months. This is a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts. Browns has been supporting the Snowsuit Fund for years and is one of its founding partners! Every year, the low temperatures take us by surprise. There’s a lot of nostalgia when thinking about those cold December days; the piles of snow that need to be cleared, traffic that moves at snail-speed when that snowstorm starts, and the beautifully lit and decorated homes during the holiday seasons that take our breath away.

Now that summer is here, we may have already forgotten what feeling cold is like. But, every year we get reminded. The worst feeling in the world is knowing your child needs a new coat or a snowsuit but not being able to afford it. As the leading cleaner in the Ottawa region, Browns wanted to tackle this issue head-on by supporting an organization that helps families clothe their children in preparation for the cold weather we are all too familiar with. The Snowsuit Fund distributed over 16,000 new snowsuits last year. Their number one goal is to make sure that “no child is left out in the cold.”

Browns Cleaners wants to help make this goal a reality. Every year, Browns urges its clients and members of the community to drop off their gently used jackets, snow pants, snowsuits, mittens, gloves and scarves to any of our locations around Ottawa. A lot of the time we store our old outerwear in the attic or basement of our home and completely forget about them when we could be donating them. Browns will clean all of the outerwear that it receives for free and pass it along to the Snowsuit Fund where it will be given to a child who really needs it!

If you plan on attending Bash Noir or any other event this summer and need to breathe life back into a beautiful gown you plan on wearing to that gala, your graduation, or a special dinner. OR AFTER the event – to keep your special piece(s) looking just as fabulous as when you wore them to the events, we have a special limited-time offer that will make your formal wear look like brand new. For every formal piece of clothing you bring in, you can get 20% off! So whether you’re bringing your gently worn clothing to our locations to get cleaned, or your special dress to wear to Bash Noir this June, we will take care of you and your garments!

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