Ottawa Snowsuit Fund: Sharing Warmth

Young children in snowsuits playing outside in the snow.

Ottawa Snowsuit Fund: Sharing Warmth

Browns Cleaners has been supporting Snowsuit Fund since it started over 40 years ago. The MacGregor family has always considered community service and helping those in need an important and regular activity. In fact, Brian MacGregor, President of Browns Cleaners Ltd., recently dropped off a couple bags of cleaned winter wear. (Read more on the Snowsuit Fund news page.)

The goal is to make sure that “no child is left out in the cold.” The staff and volunteers at the Snowsuit Fund work year-round, striving to achieve that goal. The physical, mental and social benefits of outdoor play are well known and should be enjoyed by all kids in our community.

Browns Cleaners also works to help make this goal a reality. Every year, Browns urges its clients and members of the community to drop off their gently used jackets, snow pants, snowsuits, mittens, gloves and scarves to any of our locations around Ottawa. Often, families will store their old outerwear in the attic or basement and then forget about them. If those items are still in good condition, put them to good use. Browns will clean all of the outerwear that it receives and pass it along to the Snowsuit Fund where it will be given to children who really needs it!

Visit their website to find out ore about how you can give to the Snowsuit Fund or get involved.

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