Keeping Clean and Safe

Young students with backpacks and wearing COVID masks.

Keeping Clean and Safe

In addition to a challenging learning environment, children have missed much needed socialization during the pandemic. Getting back to school is important for children’s ability to learn and mature, but as you send your kids off to school (finally!), it may be with some trepidation. Schools are taking precautions and you are keeping a safe home environment. Sending your clothes to Browns Cleaners is another measure in warding off viruses.

Browns uses GreenEarth solvents and processes to ensure a thorough clean that is soft on garments and just as friendly to the environment. It is the only professional textile cleaning solution approved by Environment Canada. So you can trust GreenEarth with your family’s clothing and feel good about it!

From GreenEarth’s June 2021 blog:

COVID-19 shifted a lot of things in our lives, but one of the most noteworthy changes has been our prioritization of cleaning and sanitization. We became motivated to uphold and surpass public health recommendations rather than simply remove visible dirt and debris. And while disinfecting surfaces throughout the home may first come to mind here, how you clean and care for your clothes is just as crucial.

In the spring of 2020, as the global coronavirus pandemic expanded, the World Health Organization (WHO) published guidance that the lipid layer of the coronavirus could be defeated through exposure to heat of at least 70°C for 30 minutes. The environmentally non-toxic GreenEarth dry cleaning process operates at higher-than-normal temperatures because of its elevated flashpoint of 77°C, making it an effective method in deactivating most bacteria and viruses.

Knowing that Browns provides superior cleaning with GreenEarth that is gentle on fabrics, your kids’ skin, and the environment, is a little bit of comfort in this stressful time.

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