5 Ways Browns can Brighten your Wedding Day

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5 Ways Browns can Brighten your Wedding Day

Big or small, there is a lot of planning and prep involved with a wedding. Here are five ways that Browns Cleaners can help your Ottawa-area wedding run more smoothly.

  1. Restore Heirloom Gowns

Browns truly makes white weddings! We use a special process to eliminate the brown tarnished effect of oxidization and restore the pristine white beauty of older dresses.

Is there a family wedding dress that you’d love to wear? Did you find an incredible vintage or heirloom dress that suits you perfectly… except that it has yellowed over time? There are many great reasons to rock an older dress down the aisle, but getting it ready to wear isn’t always easy. As a long-time member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, Browns Cleaners is an expert at restoring wedding gowns. In fact, we’ve been contacted by individuals and cleaners from many provinces and states to restore and beautify older wedding gowns. Each comes with its own story and we’re thrilled to help bring a fairy tale ending with a beautifully restored gown. You can read about a local wedding dress restoration story here.

2.Browns Cleaners does Alterations

If you have found a gorgeous vintage gown, it probably needs some repairs as well as alterations to fit you perfectly. Most Browns locations, including the main plant at 270 City Centre Drive, have talented seamstresses on site to customize your wedding dress.

If your gown needs any final alterations, visit a Browns location to get quick and professional service. Likewise, we’re ready to assist anyone in the wedding party — Dad’s good suit may not fit quite the same as last time he wore it!

  1. Cleaning & Pressing for the Entire Party

Sometimes a dress needs a little pressing and primping just before the big day. We can accommodate your schedule and ensure the dress is prepped and ready.

The bride is the belle of the ball and all eyes are on her, but everyone else wants to look their best too. Whether you are part of the bridal party, or an eager guest, professionally cleaned and pressed clothes will make you look and feel great.

If you have a formal dress or tux/suit for these special occasions, but you don’t wear it much, it may need some alterations or minor repairs. Take it to Browns to get the tender loving care it deserves, and to ensure you look your best.

  1. Free Pick-up & Delivery Service

All of the services we offer come with free pick-up and delivery in Ottawa. Weddings approach at an exceptionally quick pace and there is so much to be done; so if you can’t make it to a Browns Cleaners location, our delivery service can make it to you.

You probably want to be on-site for something like alterations, otherwise, call our free pick-up and delivery service at 613-913-7369 and speak to Richard.

  1. Life-time Guaranteed Gown Preservation

We started our list with restoring gowns to make them pristine and white, and we’ll finish with preserving gowns to keep them pristine and white. Preserve your wedding memories with the ultimate symbol of your wedding day (other than your rings and undying love, of course).

Browns involvement as a leading member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, and over 60 years of bridal cleaning experience, means that you can trust your wedding dress with us. We have developed a solid reputation internationally as an accomplished provider of wedding dress restoration and preservation. We even offer a life-time guarantee on our work, kind of like ‘til death do us part.

Browns Cleaners is committed to helping you celebrate your wedding day and creating cherished memories. View our bridal services here. Whether we’re involved in the process or not, we wish you much happiness!

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