Keep Your Clothes, and You, Looking Great

Keep Your Clothes, and You, Looking Great

Even if you are not a style conscious fashionista, clothing plays an important role every day and helps represent who we are. Especially in the workplace, how we look affects how we are treated and what others expect of us. Take a moment to review five ways below that professional cleaning with Browns Cleaners can help your clothes help you look great.

Extend the life of your clothing.

We all understand that wear and tear is constantly affecting our clothes. Other than an old pair of jeans, we don’t want to see signs of wear, especially on our favourite or nicer clothes. You can keep your clothes looking new much longer with regular professional cleaning. Thorough cleaning extends the life of the fabric by removing unseen stains, sweat, abrasive atmosphere dust, etc. These are some of the things that constantly work at the fabric of your clothes, creating weakness and wear.

Our process treats your clothes very gently but cleans more thoroughly. We do our best to be gentle on the environment as well, Browns Cleaners only uses environmentally friendly products, such as GreenEarth, the only cleaning solvent tested and approved by Environment Canada.

Clean clothes don’t attract moths.

It is especially important to give your clothes a deep and thorough cleaning before storing them for the season. This is also true for outerwear, drapes, comforters, blankets and bedding. Moths and insects are typically attracted to food, sugars and other tasty treats that are hiding in the fabric weave. Many such stains are invisible to the eye, but moths can find them! The cleaning solutions, temperature and processes used by professional cleaners eradicate any trace of food for insects and clean hidden stains that can discolour over time. Your clothes and textile items can be safely stored for the season, protected from insects and ready for you to use when you unpack them.

Look and feel great.

They say the clothes make the man, and woman, and there is some truth to that. Putting on clean and well-pressed clothes in the morning makes you feel good, more capable even. Looking professional and stylish helps you to put your best foot forward (make sure to polish your shoes, too), and do your best. Looking good helps you to feel good and that helps you to achieve more. (So Browns Cleaners is kind of like your success coach!)

Proper fitting and in good repair.

Simple items like repairing a hem or sewing on a button aren’t so simple for everyone. We don’t all have the sewing skills of our grandmother! Rather than fuss with it yourself, send it to the cleaners so it can come back clean, pressed, and repaired. Clothing looks best when it is properly fitted; you’ll feel better wearing it as well. Browns Cleaners has tailors and seamstresses to custom fit your clothing.

Added convenience.

Ironing shirts and skirts or steaming blouses is not fun. Many people go to work feeling a little frumpy because they didn’t have time to iron their clothes before work. Let the professionals do it. Not only does it free up time for you, but you know that your clothes are truly clean and professionally pressed and primped to help you look your best. In fact, Browns offers free pick-up and delivery service to make it even easier to look and feel great.

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