Who Doesn’t Love Sweater Weather?

Who Doesn’t Love Sweater Weather?

If you’re like me the only thing that makes the cold weather worth it are the cute and cozy outfits you get wear. The most comfortable piece of clothing in the world is a sweater! We’ve been lucky here in Ottawa with really great warm weather but we all knew it wasn’t going to last forever. Now with a full blanket of snow on the ground, it’s time to bring out the really warm stuff hiding at the back of your closet.

A lot of people have to continuously buy new sweaters every Winter season. Not because the sweaters look worn but because they feel and smell… different. The main reason why this happens is because your winter clothes have been collecting dust throughout the Spring and Summer months. On top of this, they may have been stored away in a moist space without fresh air. If you notice that some of your favourite sweaters are smelly and musty, here are a couple of steps you can take to get them back in shape and looking great!

  1. Read the Care Label!

    The first step is to throw all of your winter clothing into the wash and give them a proper clean. Read the care instructions following through with this step to make sure your clothes are machine washable. If they are not machine-washable, follow the instructions on the label!

  2. Lavender and Cedar Chips

    The best way to keep your clothes smelling fresh is by placing some lavender or cedar chips in your closet. Some people also use Scented Aroma beads in a bag. These essential oils will diffuse slowly and keep your closet smelling great! Cedar chips are great for fending off moths and other insects. Remember, cedar chips, lavender oils and so on do lose their touch after a while so make sure to replace them or in the case of cedar chips, sand them down using sandpaper occasionally.

  3. Fresh Air

    A quick, easy, and quite effective method to keep your clothes smelling fresh is giving them a good clean and letting them air dry. The fresh air is a chemical-free way to let your clothes breathe! Once dry, make sure to give your garments a quick brush as well to remove any particles such as hair, dirt, dust and so on!

  4. Get Them Professionally Cleaned

    What I find with sweaters and winter clothing in general is that they last the longest out of everything I own in my wardrobe IF I take proper care of them. Having all of your winter clothing professionally cleaned at the onset of the Winter season is a great way to breathe new life into your garments. Professional cleaners will help preserve your clothes so they have a longer shelf-life, helping you save more in the end.

Browns Cleaners will help you get your clothes back in perfect condition. Until January 31st, 2016, you can bring in all of your sweaters to be professionally cleaned at any Browns Cleaners locations and get 30% OFF!

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