Tis The Season

Tis The Season

Party season is well on its way! We often associate this time of year with winter, but if you’re reading this post in Ottawa, you are definitely counting your blessings this year. Can you believe the amazing weather we’ve been having?! I love the holiday season because spirits are high and you can find hope and kindness at every corner. It’s nice to be surrounded by smiling faces, rosy cheeks, and love. My favourite time of year to take walks is around this time, right when the sky gets dark. There is nothing better than walking by the beautifully lit houses with the crisp winter breeze against your face and your favourite people by your side.

Another amazing lesson I learned about the winter holiday season is just HOW many holidays are celebrated during this time. There’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, the Winter Solstice and many more! Even if you don’t celebrate these holidays, you can still enjoy the feelings of love, joy, happiness and family the season brings. It is so heartwarming that at a time where the world is hurting, people, from all cultures and traditions, are sharing in the joy of togetherness and sprinkling some love back into the world.

Another great, and at times daunting, part of the holiday season are all of those party invites sitting in your mailbox (or inbox) right now! I love a great party like the next person, but it gets difficult to keep commitments when there are so many people throwing parties and so little hours in a day! Don’t fret; we’ve created this list especially for you. Here are the top three parties you SHOULD attend this holiday season!

  1. Holiday Work Party

The first reason why you should go? Well, for the free meal and champagne! On a serious note though, attending your company’s holiday party is not really a choice, it’s an expectation! When you don’t show up, you are risking making a bad impression. If you are really dreading your office holiday party, here’s a little bit of encouragement. Going is a great opportunity for you to show commitment, network, do some schmoozing, and get in your boss’s good graces! Plus, every time I’ve gone to an office holiday party, even if I dreaded it beforehand, I ended up having a great time and I’m sure you will too!

  1. Family Party

Your attendance to this one is pretty easy to understand. My most favourite people in the world are my parents and my siblings. Nothing is stronger than the bond of family. This is the season to spend time with the people that matter most and share in the love and joy of family! Plus, when do you ever get the chance to see everybody all at the same time? There’s something exciting about that!

  1. Dinner/Cocktail Party

Second to family, you have your friends. For some people friends are family and there is absolutely no way to separate the two. If you’re lucky, all of your friends will be friends with each other as well and you only have to go to one of these parties. If not, you may have to make room for a couple of dinner parties in your schedule. Remember, the holiday season is really about PEOPLE. Gifts, food, shopping and having champagne is great, but would mean nothing without those closest to you!

Although you won’t have to attend this next party, it’s important you are aware of it! So we’ve listed it as an honourable “fourth” mention!

  1. School Party

This one is for all you moms out there! Most schools have a classroom holiday party right before the winter break when your little ones are off from school for a week or two! Even though you don’t have to be there in person, you do need to do some extra preparation! Baking cupcakes, getting your child an ornament or a small present to give to their teacher, or dressing them up with cute little Santa hats! Find out when your child’s classroom party is and make sure they are prepared as well!

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