First SNOW Fall!

First SNOW Fall!

A lot of people hate the snow and so do I but it took a particularly long time this year for us to see some white flakes on the ground! There is something serene about waking up to a blanket of snow in the morning. Okay so we didn’t exactly see THAT much snow. There was a lot of green grass still peeking out, but you get the idea! It was really nice to step outside and breathe it all in. It wasn’t too cold, but you could definitely feel that chilly wintery breeze.

I bundled up and stood on my porch and saw the tree branches behind my home layered with white glistening snow. Although I knew this was the beginning of what could potentially be a very cold couple of months, it brought with it a feeling of comfort. There’s something beautiful about the seasons changing. Sometimes they blend right into each other, but with winter, you always know. You can feel it in your bones when the days start to cool and this feeling gets confirmed when you wake up one morning and everything is covered in white!

Mind you, I will probably be eating my words in a couple of weeks. But for now, I’m going to rejoice and appreciate all the good that comes with this cold, cold, season.

Here at Browns Cleaners, we want to make sure you are prepared for the months ahead of you. It’s officially time to grab all of your summer/fall items and store them away and give new life to your sweaters, turtlenecks, vests, and the rest of your winter wardrobe.

The most important task is to make sure your winter coat is looking great! We know, it is pretty easy to neglect your winter stuff, especially because it’s been stored away since spring! But winter is here, the temperatures have dropped, and your cute fall jacket is just not warm enough. You take your winter coat and you notice it doesn’t look as great as it did last winter. In fact, it looks dirty and worn. Your best move is to get it in to get professionally cleaned! Getting it cleaned will breathe new life to your coat and, most importantly, get rid of all the dirt and dust it has collected sitting in the back of your closet for all of these months!

If you have just taken your winter jacket out of the back of your closet, or attic, or basement and realize that it needs a clean, we’ve got a special limited time offer for you! You get 15% OFF when you bring your winter coat to get professionally cleaned at Browns Cleaners. Or, if your coat is still nice and clean, bring in your sweaters and get 30% OFF! Please click on the link for more details!

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