The Ottawa Snowsuit Fund

Smiling Browns Cleaners employee showing freshly cleaned coat for the Ottawa Snowsuit Fund.

The Ottawa Snowsuit Fund

You’ve probably noticed the weather getting a little colder, the air is a little crisper, and even though no snow is on the ground it’s only a matter of time! To be honest, I’m quite excited to see the first real snowfall of the year. I’m definitely not complaining about the amazing weather we’ve been having and I’ll probably eat my words when that chilly Ottawa winter rolls around but Christmas lights are starting to be put up… and we all know they look much prettier with a white landscape! It’s around this time of year that we get to experience the true holiday spirit. Every mall is playing holiday music that annoys most of us but secretly we miss it when it’s gone!

BUT, it’s also around this time where our community needs the most support. Food banks need more donations, homeless shelters need more support, and for many people, winter is dreaded because of their circumstances. We all know how unbelievably cold it gets around this time of year. For many parents, their worst fear is not being able to provide their children with their basic needs, including warm clothing for the cold winter months. The Snowsuit Fund is an Ottawa-based charity that focuses on helping children in need stay warm during our long, cold winter. This is a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts.

Browns has been supporting the Snowsuit Fund for years and is one of its founding partners. Every year, we urge our clients and members of the community to drop off their gently used jackets, snow pants, snowsuits, mittens, gloves and scarves to any of our locations around Ottawa. Browns will clean all of the outerwear that it receives for free and pass it along to the Snowsuit Fund where it will be given to a child who really needs it! For many of these children, having a snowsuit for the wintertime will be their favourite gift this season. 

If you have a winter jacket, snowsuit or winter outerwear that would warm your heart by giving those in need, please bring it to a Browns location and we will clean it free of charge for the Ottawa Snowsuit Fund.

Stay safe and stay warm Ottawans!

Browns graphic asking people to drop off gently used winter wear for the Snowsuit Fund,

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