How to take Care of your Staple Fall and Winter Pieces

How to take Care of your Staple Fall and Winter Pieces

If you look at any fashion magazine, you will see clothing items made of the following four materials. They are usually expensive items but they make all the difference in your wardrobe. More importantly, they will stay in your closet for years to come because they always stay on trend! If you have some of these items from seasons before, or if you’ve recently added some of these items to your wardrobe, this post is for you!


leather jacket

The autumn months are notorious for those black and beautiful motto jackets. Even the leather vests are making a comeback! This super trendy wardrobe item is great for layering and adding some attitude to any outfit!

Faux Fur

Gorgeous brunette standing on the train station with her luggage

Fur is very trendy these days! A fur jacket or a fur vest is a staple piece to have in your closet. It’s great for layering. It looks very chic. It looks great with almost everything. Most importantly, it keeps you warm.


Shearling coat,

Shearling (also known as sheepskin) is another very fashion forward material used to create your favourite clothing items. Like the others listed above, this fabric is very delicate and needs some special care.


beautiful female wearing a suede jacket

Suede is a stunning fabric! A lot of people love to wear suede skirts with tights, suede coats and jackets, and suede hats are also a huge fashion item for the fall.

I don’t know about you, but when I made my first “staple item” investment, I was NOT thinking about how I was going to clean them. It occurred to me this fall when I brought out my fall clothing to the forefront of my closet. They needed to be cleaned before I could wear them again. There is nothing worse than clothes that look beaten up or worn!

Cleaning Faux fur, Shearling, and Leather 

The best way to clean your faux fur, shearling and leather items between getting them professionally cleaned is by hand washing them. Fill a large bin with cold or lukewarm water. Use some liquid hand soap to create suds and place your clothing item into the bin of water. Make sure to agitate the item so it gets completely soaked in the water. For leather items, gently rub spots to remove any stains or dirt. Afterwards, make sure to rinse the item until the soap residue is all gone. Once you’ve done this, especially for your faux-fur or shearling items, roll them in a towel so you remove the excess water. Make sure to let all of your items air dry. When it comes to really delicate or intricate fabrics, the heat from drying machines or blow dryers will actually ruin the fabric!

When it comes to Your Special Pieces… It’s Best to Be Safe 

It is recommended that you get all of your special wardrobe pieces professionally cleaned. For items that are made of delicate fabrics like faux-fur, shearling, suede, and leather, they need a little extra care to maintain their beauty. Throwing shearling or suede into a washing machine or even hand washing could change its entire look. For suede items we recommend you take them to get professionally cleaned. These clothing pieces can be easily damaged if not properly taken care of. When you invest in these staple pieces, you want them in your wardrobe for a very long time. You want them to last you a couple of years at least! To help maintain their beauty and keep them looking like new, invest in getting them professionally cleaned. It will make all the difference in the long run!

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