Why do Drapes Get so Dirty? We’ve Got the Answer!

Why do Drapes Get so Dirty? We’ve Got the Answer!

The weather is getting colder and you can finally wear those amazing boots you’ve bought for the Fall. You’ve got to admit, the leaves changing colours, the crunch they make when you step on them, and the crisp autumn air is something you really enjoy but you can’t help but miss summer already. The sun, the beautiful green trees surrounding you, and especially leaving your windows open all day to let that summer breeze in.

When the seasons change, it’s not just you who needs to adjust! It’s everything in your house. That’s why when spring comes around, most people take a good two weeks just to clean out their homes and prepare for the warmer weather. Now that winter is fast approaching, you’re going to have to do the same!

The number one step you should take when that cold weather hits is washing your curtains and drapes. If you’re like me, your windows were wide open every single day of summer. If you take a look at your curtains now, you will probably notice that they are REALLY dirty. Why does this happen? When you leave your windows open, your curtains are collecting dirt from the outside and absorbing moisture. Open windows attract lots of dust, and if you’re not careful, all that warmth coming in from outside can actually cause your drapes to start molding! Yuck!

Now that the weather is getting colder, your windows are most likely shut! So this is good right? Since open windows seem to be a huge factor in your drapes getting dirty, closed windows should help. Unfortunately this is not the case. If your windows frames have drafts or cracks, dirt is making its way inside as well. Your curtain attracts lots of dust whether it’s coming from your air vents, or ceiling fans in your home. Someway, somehow it manages to cling onto your curtains. Even if you clean your home every single day, your curtains will still get dirty. When you’re sweeping or vacuuming, the dust particles and debris will circulate in the air and eventually, some of this dust will transfer onto your curtain.

The best way to keep them clean is to give them some undivided care and attention. Sending them to get professionally cleaned is your best option, unless you want to go out and buy yourself a new pair of curtains. Getting them professionally cleaned will make sure that all that dirt and grime is gone and will have your curtains looking like new! After that, it’s all about maintenance. Every time you vacuum and dust your floors, make sure you’re vacuuming and dusting your draperies as well!

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