5 Things you Should Know About Browns Cleaners

5 Things you Should Know About Browns Cleaners


We want you to get to know us better! The best way we know how to make this happen, is to share a little bit about who we are, what we value, and what we stand for!We are All

1. About Family
When you visit us, we want you to feel like you’re visiting family! We started off as a small Mom and Pop shop right here in Ottawa FIFTY-SIX years ago. Today, we hold close to heart all of the values that kept the MacGregor  family together and their business afloat for all of these years.We have expanded into 27 stores across Ottawa, the city that we love. We’ve grown in this wonderful community alongside all clients and what drives us is all of YOU. We care, we are always trying to do our best to take care of all of your needs!

2. Community is Important!


We know how much our wonderful city has grown and changed because we’ve grown and changed with it! Fifty years ago, things looked pretty different around here. Cell phones and the Internet and the fast-paced life we’re used to today were uncommon back then. There were small boutiques instead of tall buildings. It was at this time when we first developed a great sense of community. Today, we are still very much in love with the wonderful city in which we’ve grown and are always looking to give back. We are involved with the Snowsuit Fund, Suits me, Fairy Godmother of Ottawa, Heart and Stroke Foundation and many more.

3. We’ve Known Struggle… and PERSEVERED!
This year has been a tough one for us! Mack MacGregor, the owner of Browns Cleaners was dealt a bad hand when a fire broke out in the Glebe and destroyed one of his stores alongside a number of other businesses. Shortly after, his wife was injured in a freak accident, and then shortly after that another fire broke out at another one of his stores! Luckily, nobody was hurt! We didn’t let this set us back… as a team we moved forward.

It took no time at all to get the main plant back up and running at full capacity. Regarldess of whether the smoke actually affected all clothing at both locations, we thoroughly re-cleaned all pieces in order to remove any smoke odour.

4. We are GREEN!

465326133We have only one earth and we need to do all we can to protect it! We are proud of our GreenEarth cleaning process that uses the ONLY environmentally non-toxic solvent to clean your clothes.

It uses no hazardous chemicals, is non-allergenic, non-irritating and has absolutely no odour. Most importantly, it is GREEN! It’s safe for the air, water and soil AND for your clothes!

Learn more here!

5. We are Wedding Gown Specialists

1381794_639178596203838_7191894425390797916_nThe family-run Browns Cleaners is the ONLY cleaner in Eastern Ontario to be accepted as a member of the International Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. The MacGregor family has seen its fair share of weddings and has played a vital role in making sure that the bride’s wedding gown becomes an incredible memento once the big day is all over. You can trust the Browns team to preserve or restore your wedding dress! Our lifetime guarantee ensures that your dress will stay beautiful forever!

Learn more here! 

Most important of all… We care! We couldn’t be here without all of your support and we wouldn’t be able to be successful without a main motivation. We started off as a small family run business and there is nothing more special than the friendly, familiar faces we see popping into our stores!

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