Can You Throw Your Shoes into the Washing Machine???

Can You Throw Your Shoes into the Washing Machine???

Let’s face it, your running shoes get dirty, smelly and gross after a while and hand washing them in a bin of cold water and soap just doesn’t do the trick anymore. So you think throwing them in the washing machine to get them clean seems like a good idea. Some will tell you that you should NOT throw your shoes in the washing machine. Others will swear by it! Here are a couple of steps you can take to minimize risk to make sure your shoes get cleaned not ruined when you throw them in your washing machine.


You don’t want to throw your shoes in the washing machine after taking a long run through dirty roads or forest paths without some preparation beforehand. Take a toothbrush or an old wet rag and get rid of any big pieces of dirt and grime.

Once you’ve quickly cleaned the surface, remove the insoles and the laces and set them aside. Although you will be throwing them in the wash alongside your shoes, you want them thrown in separately and detached.

Now, take two pillowcases and put one of your shoes in each and tie the ends firmly! This will lessen the impact on your shoes as they get thrown around in your washing machine and will make sure that the material doesn’t catch on to anything it’s not supposed to.


Your washing machine needs some prep work too! You want to make sure to line the bottom of your machine with two old towels. Your shoes will bang around quite a bit during the spin cycle so throwing in some towels is important to provide a little bit of cushion to help with the cleaning process.

Place your shoes, insoles and laces into the washing machine. Once you’ve done this, start up the washing machine as normal,  add a very small amount of detergent or cleaning solution and make sure to set it on the cold, gentle cycle.


It’s very important to let your shoes air dry. This will prevent your shoes from losing their shape! It will take longer before you can wear them again but it will be worth it! Let your shoes’ insoles and laces dry as well!

The most important thing you need to remember is to read the care instructions. Some running shoes cannot be placed in the washing machine and this will be found in the instructions! If you are being strictly advised not to clean your running shoes in this way, make sure you listen!

Taking these steps will minimize the risk of ruining your shoes in the wash. If all goes well, you will be left with clean shoes that do not reek of odour! Remember, the most effective way to clean your running shoes is to visit your professional cleaners’. They are the cleaning experts and will answer all of your questions!  

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