5 Easy Tips when Cleaning your Workout Clothes!

5 Easy Tips when Cleaning your Workout Clothes!

Ottawa has been having such beautiful weather lately. The last couple of weeks have been perfect for early-morning runs on the canal, or late night gym sessions with your favourite music blasting through your earphones. When you’re hitting the gym, you hardly think about having to get your gym clothes clean. Isn’t the whole point of working out going hard after all?

It’s no surprise that your workout clothes take a good beating every time you hit the gym. Although you aren’t trying to make a fashion statement with them, you want to keep them in good condition. It’s no secret that sports wear is expensive. The fabrics used to make them so easy to move in while holding everything else together means you having to spend lots of money on clothes that get dirty fast and often.

Taking care of your workout gear is not the same as doing laundry… You have to pay special attention to detail to make sure that your clothes maintain their lasting power. How do you make sure you get the most out of your workout clothes? Follow these tips to make sure your sportswear stays fresh and clean.

1. Don’t let your workout clothes sit in your gym bag

The minute you come home, take your active wear out of your gym bag so they can air dry. Once they’ve had a little time out in the open, turn them inside out and put them in the washing machine right away. Wash your active wear in cold water and add a bit of vinegar as it helps to get rid of the smell!

2. Say no to adding extra detergent to clean your workout clothes

It seems like the right thing to do. The minute you unzip your gym bag to take your workout clothes out you prepare yourself for the overpowering stench that takes over the room. It seems only right that you add a little more of that cleaning stuff to your load of dirty laundry… but it’s NOT!  Overloading your washing machine with too much detergent will not work. Your washing machine is made to process a certain amount of detergent. Too little will not be enough and too much could ruin your sportswear and cause mildew to grow on your clothes afterwards.

3. Do NOT use fabric softener on your workout clothes

Your workout clothes use a wicking technology to absorb sweat from your skin while you’re working out. Using fabric softener can prevent this technology from working and lock in those bad smells. Your activewear is made of very delicate materials so make sure to follow the care label when you put them in the wash!

4. Air dry your workout clothes

Make sure to air dry your active wear to prevent any shrinking or heat damage. You want to maintain your clothing’s elasticity and the best way to do this is to make sure the materials used to make them dry on their own.

5. Remove all bacteria and odour 

After a while, your sportswear and your gym bag collects bacteria and that very bad smell comes from the bacteria. Throwing your clothes and gym bag into the wash won’t get rid of the smell or the bacteria. Browns Cleaners provides a deep cleaning that kills bacteria and eliminates odour. These treatments will leave your sportswear and gym bag fresh and sanitized.

Whether you’re in the office, running errands or at the gym, your clothes are a reflection of you. You always want to put your best face forward and these tips will help you do just that!

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