How to Clean your Uniform

How to Clean your Uniform

Uniforms… whether you need them for work, for school or because you’re on a sports team, they are items of clothing you wear on a regular basis. With anything that is worn often, special care must be taken to ensure that your uniform stays clean. So how do you go about cleaning your uniforms and how often should they be cleaned?

When I was in university, I was working part-time at a job where I had to wear a uniform. When I first started, we had the choice of two shirts, one was a black polo shirt and the other was a white dress shirt with the company logo. Pretty standard. Making sure I had my uniform cleaned in time for my shifts was always an issue; I was given two shirts only!. Normally, I would take my shirts to get cleaned a couple of times a month. In between, I would follow the care instructions on the label! Sending them off to a professional really helped maintain the newness of my shirts. It made me look and feel confident and my attitude made a huge difference on how others treated me as well!

On the Clock

If you’re a police office, a security guard or work in an environment where you have to wear a full uniform every shift, getting your uniforms professionally cleaned every two to three days is your best option. After wearing them for over eight hours a day, odour starts seeping in and dirt particles get engrained into your uniform. Depending on the material of your uniform, you can also throw it into the washing machine, but be careful! If you throw your uniform into the washing machine too often, it could actually affect the quality, making it look worn over time. You take pride in the work you do and you want to make sure you look the part. Professional cleaners are qualified and know their stuff! They’ll make sure to have you looking ready for anything that comes your way!

Sports Uniforms

Sports. Whether it’s baseball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, or basketball, sports uniforms get put through a lot. You play hard. Blood, sweat and tears all get left on the court, or the field, or the ice rink. Dirt stains, grass stains, and sweat stains all leave a mark on your uniform. These types of uniforms need to be taken care of especially well and should get sent out to get professionally cleaned so those deep stains can be removed. It’s okay for your uniform to be completely dirty after a game, but at the beginning of one, you want to put your best face forward!

Whether you’re on the clock or have a soccer game you need to get to, the best way to make sure your uniform is clean is by sending it out to your local cleaners. They know what to do to make sure that your clothes look like new even if they’ve been put through a lot!

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