So you’re Canadian Eh?

So you’re Canadian Eh?

Can you believe it’s already July? We can’t either! Every year around this time, Parliament Hill gets covered in a sea of red and white. As Canadians, we understand how lucky we are to call this wonderful country home. Every person you meet has a story to tell. There is something intrinsically unique about the people living here and what they contribute to the Canadian narrative.

Yesterday, this amazing country turned 148, what a milestone! This got me thinking, what does it mean to be Canadian? For my family and I, Canada symbolized hope, peace, and a chance for a better life. Our journey started in 1997 when war erupted in Kosovo. Two years later, my family and I immigrated to Canada with absolutely nothing but painful memories. Sixteen years later, I couldn’t be happier to say I am Canadian. The tough road that led me here will never be forgotten… Neither will the country that changed my life and gave my family and I a new start.

Every person that you meet here will have a different story to tell. Many will be similar to mine. We are a nation of nations. Our multiculturalism and our differences make us stronger, make us united, and make us unique. We are proud because there is no other country more understanding, more inclusive, and more beautiful.

We’ve made a list of our top 5 favourite things about being Canadian.

1. Mosaic of Cultures

Lots of countries can claim multiculturalism… but do they really embody it? In Canada, there are people that come from many different places in the world, with many different belief systems, living side by side in harmony. There is no push for assimilation. There is no push to become “Canadian”. You just are. We are a culture of cultures; a nation of nations. You can walk onto the streets of Canada and meet the whole world. It’s encouraged to be different and every single person brings something new to the table.

2. It’s hot, then it’s cold.

I’m talking about the weather! There was a very funny but completely accurate quote that was going around this Canada day:

“If you can’t handle me in January… You don’t deserve me in July!” – Canada.

Canada has some of the coldest winters you can imagine. You have to dress in many layers just to stay warm… but during the summer months, it gets REALLY hot. Sometimes, the winter months extend into summer and the summer months extend into winter. In Canada, you’re either hot or your cold and this can change day by day, regardless of the season you’re in.

Sometimes your non-Canadian friends get weirded out when you walk out of your house in just a sweater when they are all bundled up because it’s “freezing” outside. But you are used to it. You’ve grown accustomed to the crazy weather. 

When Christmas comes around though, and the lights shine brighter under a blanket of white crisp snow, the cup of hot chocolate warms your hands, and cozying up to a fireplace, there’s nothing better. The summer months are filled with bike rides along the canal, having lunch on Parliament Hill while taking in the view, going to music festivals and concerts, and enjoying the sun at the beach.

3. We are sorry… about everything!

Okay, this may just be our most defining trait. Canadians are known for being “nice.” In all honesty, out of all the places I’ve been, Canadians are the most humble and caring people you can meet. They will let you cut in on a busy road in the middle of rush hour, they will always lend a helping hand when you need it…And yes, they will say sorry even if YOU’RE the one who bumped into them. It’s just our nature and plus, there’s NOTHING wrong with being nice.

4. Eh?

So what does “eh” mean exactly? It’s become such a Canadian expression. A lot of people don’t even realize they’re saying “eh” when they are speaking. It’s such a versatile expression that it could go at the end of any sentence. Simply put, it’s a figure of speech that can either affirm or negate a point. For example, that was fun eh? Or that coffee was too sweet eh? Or we should really stop saying eh, eh? 

5. We love Timmies!

Tim Hortons has become such a staple. You need coffee? You go to Tim Hortons. You need to have deep conversations about life? You go to Tim Hortons. You need a place to be alone… you get the point. There is nothing better to do when you’re bored than go to your favourite place and have a coffee or some Timbits!  

Finally we love Canada because it is our home. It’s warm, it’s inviting, and it’s open… It accepts us for who we are. From the Browns family, we hope you had an amazing Canada day and we wish you many more to come!

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