How to clean your Suede UGG® Boots

How to clean your Suede UGG® Boots

UGG® boots are great. They’re comfortable; they’re warm, but most important of all they’ve gotten you through this never-ending winter in Ottawa. Your big splurge paid off! But now that the snow is melting and winter is making its way out, you want to store away your boots and save them for the next year, and probably the year after that!

If you’ve experienced winters in Canada, you know that by the end of the season, your boots will look worn and used despite what brand they are. Salt has the potential to ruin even the best pair of boots. But have no worries! We’re here to help you get your boots cleaned and ready for storage or maybe for a couple more runs until the snow is REALLY gone here in Ottawa.

Follow these simple tips to ensure your boots stay usable longer.

  1. Use a Shoe brush!

Invest in a suede brush and run it through the surface of your boots. Your UGG® boots go through a lot. You step on snow, dirt, rocks, and salt in them. You wear them when it’s snowing, raining, hailing. After stretches of time, they start to collect dust and pieces of dirt. A suede brush will get rid of these dirt crumbs and make sure your boots are ready to be cleaned.

  1. Use water

You don’t want to run your UGG® boots under the sink and get them soaked, but you do want the surface of your boots to be fairly wet. Take a clean cloth that you have lying around and put that under the sink. Make sure the water is cold and that you squeeze out any excess water. After, use the cloth to clean the surface of your boots by gently rubbing the boots.

  1.  Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner

Although it is not mandatory to use the UGG® Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner to clean your boots, it is specifically made for them. Once you’ve decided on a cleaning product, dampen a sponge and squeeze some of your cleaning product onto it and then work it into the surface of your boots. Make sure to pay extra attention to the areas that need it most and be extra gentle! Your cleaning product should be scrubbed all over the surface of your boots.

  1. Now you can put them under the sink!

After you’ve covered the whole surface of your boots with cleaning product, turn on the tap and make sure the water is cold. Rinse your shoes but make sure to not overdo this step. The material that your UGG® boots are made up of is very delicate and you don’t want to ruin them! You can also wipe the surface of your boots with a wet cloth to ensure that you don’t over-rinse them, although this will take a bit more of your time.

  1. Let them dry

Finally, leave your UGG® boots to dry. A lot of people like to put paper towel inside the boots to help them keep their shape and to dry them faster. Unlike flowerpots that need to be kept near sunlight, your boots must stay away from any heat source. The drying process needs to be natural. This means it will take a while before you can wear them again; approximately two days.

The cleaning process described above is great when you’re regularly wearing your UGG® boots and need them to be clean. But when the sun starts coming out, and the snow is completely gone, and you need to put your winter gear away, you want to make sure your boots are as clean as possible before you put them in storage. A professional cleaner will make them look like new despite all that they’ve been through this winter!

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