5 Simple Ways to Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Suit

5 Simple Ways to Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Suit

Investing in quality items pays off in the long run, however, simply because a piece of clothing is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s going to last. Suits, especially, can make or break your wardrobe and your wallet. Failing to take care of your suits will cause you to spend far more replacing them.

Although suits are made to endure long days at the office, the delicate suiting fabric will tear, split or stretch overtime. By caring for your business clothing in between cleans, you extend their life expectancy.

We’re here to help you get the most use out of your suits. Follow these simple tips and rest assured: your suit will make it through the year… or maybe even the next 10!

  1. Why a suit brush is ALWAYS a good idea

Every suit enthusiast needs one. It’s a simple and easy way to remove the food crumbs, lint, dirt and hair that attach to your clothing and reduce the lifespan of your suits over time. A well-made clothes brush with firm bristles will remove tiny particles from your clothing and will leave your suits looking new and refreshed in-between professional cleanings.

  1. Say NO to wire hangers

Upon picking up your suits (or when having it delivered to your home for free), you’ve probably noticed the thin paper sleeve that your local dry cleaner tapes around the wire hanger. This is done to protect your clothing. It’s a well-known fact that wire hangers are very bad for your suits. They leave indentations, change the shape of your suits, and can even discolour the suit’s fabric. The thinner the wire, the less support your suit jacket has, and the more it gets weighed down. A wide, sturdy, wooden suit hanger will preserve your suit jacket’s shape, allowing you to get more value out of your investment.

  1. Use a cloth garment bag

Hanging your suit in your closet in a garment bag will help protect it from mould and moths. Be wary of purchasing plastic or canvas covers though; they don’t allow your suit to breathe! Instead, invest in a cloth garment bag that will allow air to circulate. It will help preserve your suit by keeping it odour and wrinkle-free. This nifty product will keep your suit looking great and will make travelling a breeze.

  1. DOUBLE UP on the trousers

Buying an extra pair of trousers for your suit might sound a little bit silly, but it’s actually a great investment. As trousers wear out much faster than suit jackets because they have direct contact with your skin, an extra pair of trousers can double your suit’s life expectancy. Once your trousers begin fading and tearing, your suit can longer be worn. So, don’t buy a suit with the expectation that your trousers and jacket will wear out at the same time. Splurging on a second pair of trousers can save you from having to buy a whole new suit later on.

  1. Rotate your suits

After wearing your suit once, give it at least a day off. Suit fibers collect air particles and odours and benefit from a little time to breathe before being worn again. For that reason, you should rotate suits between cleanings. Leaving your suit in a cloth garment bag on a wooden hanger for a couple of days will let it recover so that it will stay stay fresher and wearable much longer.

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