An Unconventional Valentine’s Day for the Single Ottawa Woman

An Unconventional Valentine’s Day for the Single Ottawa Woman

It can be nauseating, aggravating and depressing being a single woman on February 14th. Especially when all your friends are paired up.

It’s tough – I would know. I’m one of them!


But I propose rather than drifting away on a wave of cheap wine, junk food, and binge-watching rom-coms on Netflix, embracing these awesomely unconventional Valentine’s festivities all by yourself.

That’s right – no partner, no sulking and no shame required.

  1. Go catch a flick solo

Hey, why not? Skip the debate with a partner or friend on what new movie to see and treat yourself to whatever YOU want. Sit wherever you like in the theatre, and feel free to put your feet up on the seat in front of you like it ain’t no thing. Gorge on popcorn and a treat if you like and enjoy.

  1. Challenge yourself to try something new

Never tried yoga? Always wanted to learn how to knit? Been contemplating learning karate but never made the time for it? Peel yourself off the couch on Saturday morning and go hit up a spontaneous group class somewhere in the city. The city of Ottawa website has plenty of cheap, fun options that appeal to everyone from swimming to indoor soccer.

  1. Treat yourself to an elaborate meal

Trying new recipes can be a lot of adventurous fun, but it requires time and patience. Why better day of the week than a Saturday, by yourself, to dust off the old cookbook or Google a sweet new feast you’ve never tried. You can enjoy it alone, or maybe give a good friend a call to come over and help you eat it! has some great ideas worth trying.

  1. Hit up Winterlude

I don’t know about you, but I love Ottawa in the winter. If hand-holders on the canal are too much for you to digest, I recommend taking a stroll over to Jacques-Cartier park in Gatineau to check out the beautiful ice sculptures and treat yourself to some taffy. No company necessarily required, but feel free to bring a fellow single lady if you think it will liven up the adventure. This is the last weekend of Winterlude in Ottawa after all, so no time like the present.

  1. Throw a killer impromptu party!

Even if it’s mostly coworkers and acquaintances, chances are everyone you know isn’t committed. Host a low-maintenance no-romance “singles only” party at your place, or plan a meet-up at a favourite pub for all the single folks you know. Just an excuse to celebrate being fabulous! You deserve it.

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