Stick to Your New Year Guns: Don’t Just Hop on the Resolution Bandwagon

Stick to Your New Year Guns: Don’t Just Hop on the Resolution Bandwagon


I am certainly no stranger to the all-too-familiar empty New Year’s resolution rhetoric.

Every year it seems, I proudly proclaim to myself, my friends, my family, that I’m going to manage my finances better. Or create a permanent, weekly workout schedule. Or go on a super awesome diet and lose x number of pounds.

By February (okay, mid-January) the ambitious action plan to revolutionize my lifestyle is magically wiped from memory. I fall back into old habits, nothing changes, and the fleeting optimism for a better self that once overtook me on January 1 is nowhere to be seen.

Admit it. It’s happened to you, too! It’s happened to everybody. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a bridesmaid dress to fit into this year (I never thought I’d say that), and I’m officially closing in on my 30s. I think it’s probably time I committed!


To that end, this week I thought we could all benefit from some tips on how to stick with our lofty goals as 2015 starts – so by the time February rolls around, we can actually feel accomplished this time!

Here are 5 ways to keep those resolutions rolling:

1. One is the loneliest number. Peer motivation for the win!

Having someone by your side to hold you accountable is a tried-and-true trick to maintaining motivation. Whether it’s a partner, a colleague or even your mom over the phone, consider finding a buddy to call or text once a day to check in with and keep you on track.

  1. Short term pain for long term gain.

Try to break down your goals to the smallest possible percentage. If you’re hoping to lose X number of pounds by a certain date, focus on each meal as an individual accomplishment. Skipping dessert for just once lunch and slowly weaning yourself off fast food one meal at a time, will eventually make a huge difference in your body.

  1. Out of sight, out of mind.

If you’re trying to quit smoking or eating certain fatty foods, start breaking old habits by taking alternate routes to and from your regular destinations. Make a point to avoid the McDonald’s between your home and office. Don’t enter your grocery store at the door that passes the smoke shop.

  1. Sharing is caring!

Hopefully you’ve already thought to write down your resolution and post somewhere visible in your home (if not, there you go!). The next step is to share via social media. A post on Facebook or a weekly Tweet will keep you motivated, enthusiastic and accountable to your social network.

  1. Focus on one realistic goal, not an assortment.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with a dozen ambitious goals that you’ll never find the time to achieve all at once. Break down your resolution to just one awesome thing that you’d like to accomplish. The fewer changes your brain has to adjust to, the better.
One of our resolutions over the past few years has been to be as green as possible. We’re happy to say that Browns Cleaners is certainly among the greenest of large dry cleaners in Canada. We plan to continue to do what we can to make 2015 an even greener year at Browns, so we’ll be following these steps to help realize our goals.

Here’s a bonus tip: add our free weekly pick-up and delivery service to your family’s cleaning schedule and free up more time for your New Year’s resolution!

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