Browns is Going GREEN – Just in Time for Christmas!

Browns is Going GREEN – Just in Time for Christmas!

Going ‘green’ matters.

But these days, just as every individual must make an active effort to protect our environment, every business (no matter what the industry) must do their part to ‘go green’ as well – employing sustainable business practices that benefit our collective future.

While Browns is proud of its ongoing effort to minimize waste and protect the city’s local environment, going forward, this local business is thrilled to announce some even bigger, greener changes!


As of this month, Browns Cleaners has gone 100% perc-free! You’re probably wondering: what the heck is perc? Perc is short for perchloroethylene: a chlorinated solvent that is most commonly used in the dry cleaning process. Despite its common use, the chemical has actually been classified as a possible carcinogen (cancer causing – yikes!) and can be toxic in soil and especially in ground water. Naturally (pun intended!), this has prompted Browns to eliminate its use in all its facilities city-wide.

This week, we sat down with company owner, Brian MacGregor to learn more about what this means for Browns, and what this will mean for you as a Browns customer!

What motivated Browns to eliminate its use of Perc in your dry-cleaning process?

Good steward of the environment. There are good options for replacing perc now.

In your opinion, why is it important for Browns to reduce its carbon footprint? Are you proud of your level of environmental-conscientiousness as an Ottawa business?

We live in this community and need to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. We can always do more, but there is a cost benefit ratio that is always considered.

What would you say sets Browns apart from its local competition as a green cleaning business?

We are one of only a few cleaners in Eastern Ontario that use 100% environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

How do you feel this recent change will make a difference in the lives of Browns’ customers?

Our customers can feel they are doing their part for the environment as well, by choosing Browns to be their cleaner.

So if this seems like such a good commonsensical choice for any business to make, why would so many dry cleaners continue using this harmful product?

The answer is simple: money. Going green is rarely the most cost-effective option for a business – particularly a smaller family-run one like Browns. Consider how few coffee shops in Ottawa serve their coffee in biodegradable cups versus paper or Styrofoam ones. Sadly, the cheapest route is generally the least environmentally-friendly.

Browns decided that taking care of the local Ottawa environment, and keeping its customers safe and healthy using the least chemically-based cleaning methods was worth the change – regardless of cost.

So now you can benefit not just from unparalleled service, free and convenient pick-up and delivery, and fast cleaning expertise – you can rest assured that your family’s cleaning will be completed using the safest, greenest methods possible!

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