Is it ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ Season yet?

Is it ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ Season yet?

Christmas may be over a month away, but I probably don’t have to tell you that every store in Ottawa is already busting at the seams with red, white and green merchandise.

I say, why fight it? Might as well join ’em. Bring out a little bit of your inner jolly with an ugly Christmas sweater!

No doubt you’ll be hitting at least a couple holiday parties in the coming weeks, whether it be with your family, your friends or your office. So show up in grand style – in one of these quirky numbers:

If you’re wondering where to find one of these hilarious fabric conversation pieces, two of my favourite go-to spots are second-hand stores like Value Village (always a winner) or (such hilarious and creative stuff; if you don’t mind being the centre of attention!).

Another treasure trove may actually be an older family member’s closet! If you don’t think they’ll take it too personally, ask an in-law or a grandparent if you can raid their attic or the back of their closet. You’d be surprised the number of vintage gems I’ve discovered over the years that a family member had completely forgotten about and hung onto over the years.

If you do go the vintage route, you may run into a couple minor issues you’ll want to fix before you dress to impress. The scent of moth balls, mold and mildew, yellowing or maybe even a couple holes might be noticeable if the sweater has been stored away for more than a few years.


Whether the fabric is wool, synthetic, polyester, or otherwise, DO NOT simply toss the sweater your washing machine or dryer! Check to see if the tag is still intact and legible, and follow the instructions to avoid further damage to the garment.

To avoid disappointment, give us a call and we’d be happy to provide some advice or pick up the item and clean it up like new. Keep in mind that one of the main differences between dry cleaning and home-laundering is that dry cleaning uses fluids (solvents) to remove substances from textiles in a way that laundering cannot.

If your sweater is made with natural fibers (i.e. wools and silks) our cleaning process will not shrink, distort, or impact the color in any way! Although dry cleaning provides a more thorough cleaning, it is kinder to textiles and will not, discolor, damage or affect the fabric’s integrity.

Let’s be honest. An ugly Christmas sweater is one thing – but a stinky, damaged one is another! We can make sure your festive outfit is ready to go for whatever holiday event you’ll be attending this season.

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