It’s Time to get the Winter Gear Ready for Another Season!

It’s Time to get the Winter Gear Ready for Another Season!

Once the chill of November hits, it’s hard to deny that winter is coming (as much as we may want to).

There’s a number of things you’ll need to do in your family to get ready for this harsh and often unforgiving season – put on your winter tires, stock up on salt for your walkway, and hang the Christmas lights to name a few!

Outdoor items aside, another big part of preparing for the seasonal transition is ensuring that your family’s winter gear is ready when you need it.


As fall wraps up in the next week or two, don’t forget to check these off your to-do list:

Unpack the winter gear

Chances are, you haven’t kept your woolly mittens and hats in the front of your hallway closet all through the warm months. Because why would you? Now is the time to dig through the back of your closet and bottom of your family drawers to find your coats, snow pants and things. If you didn’t clean them well in the fall, consider whether they are due for a good cleaning now. It is typically dirt and bacteria that cause wear and attract moths, so clean winter wear lasts longer. (And yes, professional cleaning can get rid of nasty smells, too!)

Make sure it still fits

Particularly in the case of young children, unfortunately seasonal clothing often only fits for one or two cold seasons at the most as they are constantly growing! Before there is snow on the ground, be sure to have all your little ones try on last year’s gear to make sure it still fits. If it doesn’t, you’ll know that it’s time to find something new.

If you have gently used items that no longer fit, please drop them off at any Browns Cleaners location for the Snowsuit Fund. As a long-time sponsor to this wonderful charity, we collect new and almost new winter wear for kids and adults. We clean and repair items and deliver them to the Snowsuit Fund.

Clean & repair it or replace it

Now is a good time to examine all of your family members’ winter gear to ensure they are in good condition. At the end of last winter, there’s a possibility you packed away this gear without noticing a significant stain or tear in the fabric. If the item is beyond repair and it becomes clear that this could impede the gear from doing its job (keeping you warm of course!), then it may be time to replace some items.


Unfortunately here in our Nation’s capital, weather can be unpredictable and harsh – particularly throughout the winter months. The better organized you and your family are, the easier it will be to sail smoothly through it!

In the event that some of your winter gear from year’s past seems unrepairable, before you pitch it or put out the money to replace it, be sure to stop by a Browns Cleaners  location to have one of our experts make the final assessment. Our cleaning experts, seamstresses and tailors are accessible at every location, so whether there is a stain or a seemingly hopeless tare in the fabric, there is still a good chance we can bring it back to life for another season!

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