Boot & Scarf Season is back – How to Keep These Fall Fashion Items Looking Like New

Boot & Scarf Season is back – How to Keep These Fall Fashion Items Looking Like New

Sadly, we can already feel the chilly winter wind creeping its way into our days here in Ottawa. But as the seasonal cusp draws closer, this means more opportunities to make a statement with our fall wardrobe!


My personal favourite things to wear this time of year are scarves and boots! There’s a million different ways to wrap yourself up and feel comfortable and look great in a scarf – whether it be cotton, pashmina, satin, or wool.  The same goes for boots! I must have spent over an hour (and I’m not much of a shopper) picking out my fall boots earlier this month. I was torn between black knee-highs or tan coloured military-style which didn’t quite go right up to my knees (I chose the classic blacks!).

The trouble with both these beloved fall staples, is keeping them clean and undamaged all season no matter what the elements throw at us. Ottawa is known for rather unpredictable weather patterns, so it can be tough some days to strike a balance between looking great and staying warm and dry.

Here’s a few tips on keeping your scarves and boots (no matter what the material) looking like new:


-A good way to avoid any permanent creasing or stretching of the fabric, is to hang your scarf on a tubular hanger and hang it safely in your closet

-Consider storing your scarves it in a drawer after lining the drawer with tissue paper. Be sure to line tissue paper between the fabric layers, also. This will also help to avoid the material staging on the drawer itself, and avoid wrinkles

-If you’ve invested a particularly significant amount in your scarf (perhaps a silk or pashmina) it might be advisable to store your scarf in a plastic, airtight storage container. This will prevent dust and sunlight from getting in which could damage or fade the colour of the material


-Though it may seem like a waste of money, spending a few extra dollars at the shoe store upon purchasing your boots on a water repellent, a specialty cleaner or protective sealant for your boots (depending on the material) is never a bad idea. If you do make this investment, be sure to factor in the time to use the product as instructed

-A little shoe polish can go a long way. It’s a tried and true solution, particularly for leather boots

-If you’re dealing with scuff marks, all you need is some water, baking soda and a cloth. All you need to do is apply some water to the scuff, then sprinkle baking soda on top. Scrub the scuff with the cloth in small, circular motions to lift the mark

If you’re looking for more tips like these, or just an easy fix as you just can’t find the time for these extra steps for your scarves and boots, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Browns. Whatever the issue, our cleaning experts are happy to help!

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