Have You Seen The Beautiful Mural Next Door to Us?

Have You Seen The Beautiful Mural Next Door to Us?

You often hear Ottawans claim their city of almost a million people to feel more like a “big small town.”

This is one of our favourite parts of living and working here – the undeniable sense of community.

This same of sense of fellowship even extends to the business community. Even in tough economic times, from suburban Ottawa, to the Glebe, to our home neighbourhood bordering Centretown and Hintonburg, we often see

smaller businesses like restaurants and specialty shops sharing their success and savvy in support of each other.

Browns is no stranger to this.

Given the slightly obscure nature of our head office location at City Centre, some businesses have had a tough time getting noticed once they rent space in the area.

Orange Art Gallery, one of our newest neighbours in the complex lot, indicated they were having a tough time drawing visitors hidden behind the Somerset bridge since they moved in next to us at 290 City Centre in February of this year.

That’s why we did exactly what a friendly neighbouring business would do – we gave them some space to show off their craft (art of course).

Have a look below at this beautiful mural Orange Gallery painted on one of our storage trailers between their office and ours.

A giant Peace Tower, framed in orange, points to the Orange Gallery building.

Pretty cute, right?

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