Keep Your Little One Happy, Healthy and Clean! Guaranteed Restoration for Teddy

Keep Your Little One Happy, Healthy and Clean! Guaranteed Restoration for Teddy

There’s nothing as funny and fascinating as watching your little one as she learns, grows and plays. A common part of a child’s development involves hanging onto a special something to bring them comfort as they grow.

Some childcare specialists refer to these as comfort objects or transitional objects, that signify your toddler’s growing need to have authority over something – bridging your child’s path to independence from dependence. The object can help them sleep, sooth their emotions when they’re ill or hurt, and even provide a comforting presence when you’re not around.

The frustrating thing is prying that Teddy bear or blanket away from your little munchkin when it inevitably needs to be washed! Comfort objects are breeding grounds for dirt and bacteria. While they keep your little one happy, they also tend to go everywhere they go –playgrounds, sandboxes and more– and soak up all that playtime dirt in the process.

So how do you get the special something clean and sanitary, to prevent your little one from getting sick?

Browns has an unparalleled restoration cleaning process that brides count on to revive age-old wedding gowns and families count on to keep their linens and drapes clean, for instance. The very same process is the absolute best possible option to ensure the sanitary, non-toxic cleaning of your child’s most precious belonging.

Taking their beloved toy away from your little can be more than a bit of a challenge. You’ve got to make sure it gets back to them post-haste! Give us a call so we can pick the Tgeddy up from your doorstep (and any other items that need cleaning or restoration) and we can drop it back off swiftly and conveniently.

Your littlest family member will be back in the sandbox with Teddy in no time!

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