What is it About The ‘Dry Cleaner’ Sketch?

What is it About The ‘Dry Cleaner’ Sketch?

Remember that episode of Sex and the City, where the episode opens with Carrie Bradshaw running in heels to her neighbourhood drycleaner, hysterical and breathless, only to find that they had just closed moments before she arrived?

Not that we’re blaming Carrie (she’s got enough on her plate as a single woman in New York, or so the story goes), but this begs the question: are 90s sitcoms to blame for dry cleaning skepticism?

Probably not. But this got us thinking that it might be fun to dig up some funny flashback scenes where 90s characters had unfortunate, awkward and hilarious experiences at their local dry cleaner.

Admit it, you’ve seen all of these, too:


Season 1 Ep. 5: The Stock Tip


Season 6 Ep. 22: The One Where Paul’s The Man


Season 1 Ep. 11: Met Someone

So why all the comedic dry cleaning mishaps? Maybe the writers for these sitcoms just had to ensure something funny inevitably took place and the dry cleaners was the easiest place for it to happen. Maybe dry cleaners just weren’t as efficient or convenient back in the 1990s in New York City.

Whatever the reason for this common sketch concept, it sure is unfortunate Carrie Brawshaw and Jerry Seinfeld were never based here in Ottawa. Here we have FREE Pick-up & Delivery for dry cleaning (not to mention the best industry-standard cleaning techniques in the area).

No matter how busy you are, how hectic your schedule, or how hard it might be for you to fit in that one nagging errand – you wouldn’t have to worry about dropping off or picking up your dry cleaning.

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