Your Summer Camping Experience Made Easier

Your Summer Camping Experience Made Easier

For many of us, these beautiful late summer months are anticipated all year.

Since this province is loaded with Provincial parks, lakes and outdoor space to explore, scheduling an epic camping getaway is a choice even the most urban of urbanites can’t resist.

The experience will no doubt be a memorable one; from roasting s’mores, to scary storytelling around a campfire, to walking barefoot on sweet smelling grass or warm sandy beaches. But what happens to all your clothing, sleeping bags and outdoor gear while they’re baring the elements?

If you’ve been camping before, you probably remember that they are bound to pick up some stains and unfortunate odors. And let’s face it – nobody wants to wear those smells back to the office after their holidays (no matter how nostalgic).

Check out these common odors that strike while you’re roughing it, and how we can help:

Campfire odor on clothing or sleeping bags

Probably the best sight, sound and smell of camping is a big, crackling fire. The billowing smoke is great for keeping bugs away and roasting marshmellows, but if you end up sitting around it for more than a few minutes, your clothing is going to soak up the smell. Fortunately, our Fire and Flood Restoration Services used to resuscitate household items, clothing, carpets, tapestries and more after household fires works wonders on any fabric exposed to smoke. We have a Commercial Ozone Process that’s guaranteed!

Dirt, mud and insects on your tent

Your tent is your home away from home while you’re camping in the great outdoors, and not unlike your house, it protects you from the elements.

Inevitably, your tent will need cleaning before it is packed away into storage after each camping trip – but keep in mind that washing a tent is not as simple as just throwing it in the washing machine. Even on a gentle cycle, fabric coating, seams and mesh can get seriously damaged hen up against hot, soapy water and an agitator. Don’t risk it! Bring it to us (or have us pick it up).

Bug spray odor on clothing

If you’re camping in a heavily wooded area or near any standing water, hopefully you’ve come prepared with some insect repellent. It works, but it stinks! Try to keep the clothing items you wore with residual bug spray odor on them (likely your evening wear) separate from your other clothing and don’t worry – bug spray odors can be completely removed with our regular dry cleaning process.

Skunk spray on clothing (YUCK!)

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that this can totally ruin a camping trip! The reality of camping is that we are of course treading within the natural habitat of various wildlife; skunks included. Sadly if one camper in your group is sprayed, it’s likely you’re all going to share in this rather gross experience. Your best bet is to pack up, haul out early, and give us an emergency call so we can pick up your gear where you are (if you’re in the Ottawa area) rather than putting the sprayed clothing and camping gear in your vehicle and spreading the smell.

Where ever you plan to travel this year, best wishes for a safe and unforgettable trip! When you get back, be sure to leave a comment below and share your experience. As a camping keener, I’d love to hear all about it.

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