Rescue Your Summer Clothing from Patio Season Stains!

Rescue Your Summer Clothing from Patio Season Stains!


You knew it was coming, and now it’s finally here. But what does it mean for your summer wardrobe?

From our heads to our toes, we’re wearing fewer layers and exposing a bit more skin when it’s appropriate to do so. But most importantly, many of us are wearing lighter colours – a stain waiting to happen.

It’s hard to say no to a glass of sangria on a sunny patio in the market after work when your entire team of colleagues are walking there on Friday afternoon.

But if you’re anything like me, you just can’t seem to direct all that sweet, fruity liquid from the glass to your mouth without a few drops landing on your nice new top! Before you know it, you’re blushing, hunched over the sink in the ladies’ washroom, frantically manoeuvering hand soap and paper towel in an attempt to salvage the fabric.

I’ve got a better idea. Step away from the soap dispenser, get yourself home, and try one of these three methods instead:

1. Sodium for the win

Remove your wine-stained top and lay over a clean flat surface, then cover the stain completely with a thick layer of table salt. The salt will absorb the wine and can be brushed off in about an hour.

2. Heat things up!

Boil hot water, stretch fabric out over your kitchen sink, then slowly and

carefully pour boiling water over the stain (please be careful not to burn yourself in the process!).

  1. Did you say shaving cream?

Yep, sometimes this can work like a charm. Just spray some of the foam onto the stain, allow it to sit at least two hours, then wipe clean with paper towel. Wash afterward as usual and hopefully you’ll be good to go.

Still no success? Don’t panic. We can have someone pick up your stained clothing (along with anything else that may require some professional care) right away, free of charge!

You’ll be back on the patio in the same summer top, faster than you can say “PATIO SEASON!”

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