Tying the Knot in Ottawa? Check Out Our Top 5 Wedding Venues!

Tying the Knot in Ottawa? Check Out Our Top 5 Wedding Venues!

It’s just about that time of year when fiancées are kicking their wedding planning into full swing. It’s a frantic, nerve-wracking and thrilling time in anyone’s life with many things to consider — not least of which, location.

Fortunately, as we learn each year at the Wedding Palace Bridal Show and in speaking with our newlywed clients, there’s no doubt the National Capital Region is a hotbed for matrimonial locations.

This week, we’ve compiled a killer collection with you in mind, including 5 ceremonial spots to suit a variety of unique tastes.

Here’s hoping we can help you check one big choice off your to-do list:

Le Nordik Spa:

If you’ve been in Ottawa for more than a year, chances are you’re familiar with Le Nordik. This famous “nature” spa facility in hidden away in the woods of Chelsea, Quebec and known for its secluded getaway experience. They are highly rated and recommended, and great especially for smaller ceremonies or receptions. They have outdoor saltwater pools, full spa services on site, catering and more; so if you’re stuck on your honeymoon planning, you might choose to stay put right after the ceremony.

Mill St. Brew Pub:

There’s something to be said for craft brewers the past couple years in Canada; they’re definitely bringing more of a draw! If you and your partner are hoping to cater to your hippest of friends with some tasty beer and food pairings coupled with picturesque surroundings in a heritage stone building, then this is your ideal venue.

Canadian Museum of Nature:

Typically, young adults from their teens to early 30s don’t frequent museums. However, the Canadian Museum of Nature has really stepped up their marketing game lately with evening events like Nature Nocturne since the completion of their renovations in 2010. Even before the physical updates, the Museum has always made for a great place for a wedding (side note: you might even feel like royalty, since you’ll literally be tying the knot inside of a castle).

Fairmont Chateau Laurier:

If you’ve got the budget for it, this historic downtown Ottawa hotel is quite a site to behold. The best part is that they have everything you could possibly need, all available in one convenient location; including the honeymoon sleeping quarters. It is worth noting that their catering services, house pianist and top-floor views are spectacular.

Billings Estate National Historic Centre:

For a reasonably priced local venue that can accommodate wedding parties of up to 150, Billings Estate grounds provides a lovely outdoor option tucked away in the city’s East end. It’s very easy to get to with plenty of parking space. Your only challenge will be facing Ottawa’s often unpredictable weather patterns.

If none of the above quite suit your taste, we recommend taking some time to peruse Ottawa Wedding Magazine’s website. There, you’ll find a nice collection of locations with detailed write-ups, photos and more if you’re digging for details.

Once you’ve finally settled on the perfect location (and set the date, of course) consider stopping by one of our dozens of shop locations in Ottawa and ask us about our Bridal Services.

We’re the only company certified by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists in Eastern Ontario – which means we’re your go-to source for clothing care tips before, during and after your big day for every member of your wedding party (especially you!).

Once you’ve ensured your surroundings are stunning, we can ensure your dress is too!

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