FINALLY, Time for Spring Cleaning — 3 Tips to Simplify

FINALLY, Time for Spring Cleaning — 3 Tips to Simplify

I expect you’ve heard everyone say this by now, so I apologize in advance for my repetitive commentary — but WOW, that was a painfully long winter!

As a result, it’s no surprise that those of us who don’t usually get a kick out of our household chores will be approaching our spring cleaning routines with a newfound vigor this year! Finally, some sun. I know I can’t wait to spruce things up in my humble abode, now that friends and family will finally be coming out of hibernation and coming by to visit more often.

So how best to tackle the spring clean quickly, cost-efficiently and in a way that won’t harm the environment? Read on for answers. Try out these three helpful tips to get your home in top shape for the sunny months ahead:

  1. Take it one step at a time

With all things domestic, it’s hard not to heed advice from the woman who’s dominated the arena for decades. You guessed it. Martha Stewart! In her Spring Cleaning Checklist, Martha indicates that creating a “realistic schedule” for one’s chores is important when there may be a number of big areas to tackle. A good approach is to break down each area (yard work, kitchen, living room, bathrooms, etc.) into individual projects over the course of several days. Martha suggests that “whether you prefer to proceed from the attic to the basement or start outdoors and wind your way inside, focus on one task at a time.”

2. Go ahead, reward yourself is a nifty site which provides all sorts of tips toward cleaning any space, year round.  She even has an Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide which you might find handy to skim. A great tip she provides is to “reward yourself.” Meaning, have your list of tasks at hand, and after each one of accomplished (or each individual section of your home or apartment is cleaned) give yourself a special something. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate; just a glass of wine or an episode of your favourite comedy on Netflix will suffice!

  1. DIY green cleaning supplies

Green cleaning doesn’t have to cost you more. You’ve probably already noticed that many stores have hopped on the “green” marketing bandwagon. Now, they are marking up prices on naturally-sourced cleaning products, and the reality is – you can create these sources at home with resources you likely already have around your kitchen. There are actually a number of great blogs with ideas just a Google search away. For instance, indicates mildly acidic white vinegar is great for all kinds of household cleaning; such as disinfecting floors, hard water stains, absorbing odors and more. Check out their Homemade Spray Cleaner Recipe for a cheap tool to support your spring cleaning plan!

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