New life breathed into Century-old wedding gown for Reoch family

New life breathed into Century-old wedding gown for Reoch family

What reverberates in a family for generations after a marriage, are often the keepsakes held onto and stored away, coupled with stories relayed onto children, grand-children, or even great-grandchildren.

Such was the case for Montreal-resident Jennifer Reoch’s great-great-grandmother, Marjory Stuart McLean of Dundas County, when she married Robert Wilson Reoch of Glasgow, Scotland. This entrancing, century-old photograph seen here of the young couple, was captured on their wedding day at the home of Marjory’s uncle in Carleton County, Ontario on September 4, 1901.

Reoche wedding - 1901

Not long ago, Marjory’s great-grandson, Robert Reoch and his wife Murielle were tragically struck by a flood in their Winchester home just outside Ottawa, and many of their treasured possessions were consequently lost or damaged. Robert was one of the inheritants of his great-grandmother’s Victorian gown, which he was heartbroken to learn had been damaged as a result of this flood, and in need of serious repair.

When Browns Restoration Services were called to help address the damage to Robert’s Winchester home, we never knew we might stumble on Mrs. Marjory Reoch’s 113-year old wedding dress. Fortunately, Browns Bridal Services quickly took over, and was able to breathe new life into the gown.

As a result, we are delighted to be lucky enough have the gown on display this weekend at Ottawa’s premier bridal event, The Wedding Palace Bridal Show.

This International award-winning event is open to the public for a low ticket price of $20.00, and along with Marjory’s gown, will feature hundreds of dresses from years past, and many from our contemporary era as well. The site notes that you can expect bridal fashion shows, extravagant door prizes, and a romantic fantasy theme throughout. Please join Browns on either January 11 or 12 at the Ottawa Convention Centre, by reserving your ticket for this premier event here.

Jennifer Reoch is looking forward to modelling this great historical gown which has meant so much to her family, now that it is entirely restored and fitted for her to wear in memory of her great-great-grandmother’s special day. This unique piece is said to have been handmade by Marjory’s sister, Mary Margaret McLean, as she was a dressmaker by trade.

Regardless of a flood or any other obvious outside damage to a bridal gown as was the case for the Reoch family, unfortunately no one can avoid the inevitable; over time, wedding gowns will yellow and tarnish if they aren’t stored or preserved correctly.

This is why Browns Bridal Services offers a full collection of services, including preservationpreparation, andrestoration, to ensure the longevity of every dress that comes into our care. We are one of the few cleaners in Canada certified by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists™ and are proud to offer you a lifetime guarantee when entrusted with your gown.

By taking advantage of our services, you can expect quality, expert care that will ensure your gown is kept as immaculate as the day you bought it.

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